Proud to be a Bajan

Barbados boasts that its educational system is on par with those found in most first world countries. It is often claimed that the literacy rate is around 98%. Education was free from nursery to university until recently. University students are now required to make a “small contribution” towards their tuition, but that is neither here nor there according to the Senator.

Unfortunately these high educational standards have infected many Barbadians with a superiority complex. These people are usually found in the ¨heights and terraces¨ and the now preferred ¨gated communities¨ that litter the landscape. Having attended schools in the higher levels of the aforementioned educational system, they turn up they noses at less fortunate mortals not blessed with the need or ability to mimic Queen Victoria or our beloved Head of State, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Continue reading

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Broken Down


¨I feel like I gine get a nervous breakdown! My head feel like it gine tear off! I can´t tek dis nuh more.¨Seemingly about to burst into tears, she proceeded to sit on the low wall that ran along the bank of the Constitution River. Since the sponsors of bus shelters are more concerned with getting their message out than providing adequate seating at bus stops, this wall serves as a bench for those waiting on public transportation. It was a few minutes before Six ´O` Clock and the wall crowded with weary passengers. A clear sign that the Transport Board was still having challenges. I assumed that she had waited for a couple of hours or more and was becoming frustrated by the non-appearance of the scheduled bus. Continue reading

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Deflated Confidence

barbados parliamentMr.Speaker Sir, I rise on a point of order. I  strongly believe that the honourable members of this once honourable house, have shown utter contempt for the masses of Barbados that elected them earlier this year. The sheeple people that elected this administration take great comfort from the perception that we care more about their well-being than our own. The self-aggrandizement practiced in this honourable chamber depend on all members maintaining that perception at all cost. It is therefore unfortunate that more honourable members did not take to the stage to perform  for the hapless masses of Barbados. A missed opportunity if there ever was one. Continue reading

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Just Deserts For You Sir?

After the February 21st general election, there were none more surprised at the outcome, than the Honourable Freundel Stuart and his band of equally honourable incompetents . It was later suggested in some quarters that the General election was held simultaneously with a buy-election and this could have affected the results.  What?

How could those people sell out their brothers and sisters for three hundred pieces of silver? Could they not see the blight with their own eyes? Are they that backward and illiterate? Continue reading

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