We Got This: No, Wunna Got We

Xmas gift
Article by 
Colville Mounsey  
Published on 
November 20, 2018

Prime Minister Mia Mottley gave local businesses an early Christmas present today, announcing a massive reduction in corporation tax from 25 per cent to between 1 to 5.5 per cent and she wants businesses to share the benefits with Barbadians.
The development means that local businesses will now be operating here on a level playing field with their international counterparts following Government’s decision to overhaul its tax regime to be compliant with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
In keeping with a commitment made earlier this year by the Freundel Stuart Cabinet to remove tax incentives to the international business sector, Mottley announced this afternoon that the domestic corporate tax rate has been slashed by as much as 80 per cent while ensuring the country is still globally competitive.

With two deadlines already missed, Government announced today that it is finally ready to roll out its plan to collect Value Added Tax (VAT) on foreign online transactions by mid-next month. This afternoon Prime Minister Mia Mottley announced that the mechanism for the tax collection is now in place and Government was targeting its introduction by December 15.

Delivering a Ministerial Statement in the House of Assembly today, Mottley explained that the necessary amendments to legislation will be brought to Parliament shortly.

“We will now target a December 15 start as we have completed the procurement of the entity to provide the services to the Barbados Revenue Authority, but the relevant legislative amendment for delegation to the entity collecting the tax will be introduced very shortly into Parliament,” the Prime Minister revealed.

It was during her Mini-Budget back in June that Mottley announced plans to charge VAT on foreign online purchases commencing October 1, 2018. That start date was later shifted to December 1. In explaining the delay, Mottley revealed that Government was held up by the technology. She also explained that this was necessary to prevent the possibility of double taxation.

“We had earlier announced that all taxes that are due on a transaction will be automatically levied if that transaction is carried out on-line using new technologies we have been testing. The taxes paid will be automatically recorded in your receipt and there will be no double taxation at the port once you can show a receipt that taxes have been paid online,” she said.

Levy bust
Article by 
Colville Mounsey
Published on 
October 26, 2018

Barbadians are flat out refusing to pay the recently implemented Garbage and Sewage Collection (GSC) tax, which was recently tacked on their water bill. This has resulted in revenue at the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) falling by 40 per cent between the billing period of August and September.

This revelation was made by Chairman of the BWA board Leodeane Worrell who is warning that the state-owned water company intends to ramp up disconnections against those refusing to pay their bills.

Worrell explained the BWA was merely the conduit for collecting the $1.50 per day tax. This meant that even though customers were paying their bill minus the levy, the BWA was still obligated to take the GSC from the amount paid.

During a press conference summoned by Minister of Energy and Water Resources Wilfred Abrahams in the Committee Room of Parliament this afternoon, Worrell revealed that on average the BWA realizes revenues of $10 million monthly. Since the introduction of the tax on August 1, the intake for the cash strapped water company took a nose dive to about $6 million. This threatens to worsen the company’s outstanding arrears, which to date stands at $15 million.

Relief Board in place to handle sewage levy
Added 20 November 2018

The Government of Barbados has set up a Relief Board with respect to the Garbage and Sewage Contribution (GSC) Levy.

Householders or organisations who wish to apply to the Relief Board may collect Waiver Application Forms from the Barbados Water Authority’s (BWA) Headquarters, The Pine, St Michael and its Customer Service Centre, Probyn Street, Bridgetown.
The public may also collect forms from the administration section of the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA), 2nd floor National Petroleum Corporation’s Building, Wildey, St Michael, and all Post Offices.
Other collection points include the National Assistance Board (NAB), Country Road, St Michael; Barbados Council for the Disabled, Harambee House, The Garrison, St Michael; the National Disability Unit, Dalkeith Road, St Michael; and the Welfare Department, Weymouth Corporate Centre, Roebuck Street, Bridgetown.
Forms may also be downloaded from the BWA’s website: http://barbadoswaterauthority.com and the Barbados Government Information Service website: http://gisbarbados.gov.bb/downloads.
Forms are currently available for collection from the BWA outlets and the SSA, however, they may be obtained from the other collection points from Wednesday, November 21.
Members of the public are asked to note that on completing the Waiver Application Form, it should be submitted only to The Garbage and Sewage Contribution Relief Board, BWA, Pine Commercial Estate, Pine, St Michael; the NAB; the Barbados Council for the Disabled; the National Disability Unit or the Welfare Department; or via email to gsc@barbados.gov.bb.
The Relief Board has the sole discretion to determine whether or not a certificate will be granted after reviewing all circumstances of the applicant(s). Once approved, the Secretary of the Board will contact the householder or organisation.
Any person or organization that knowingly makes an application that is false, is guilty of an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $1 000 or to imprisonment for 12 months, or both. (BGIS)

Imagine that while waiting on the bus at the bottom of Horse Hill; you saw a ZR van, packed with screaming children, obviously out of control, swerving erratically as it hurtled downhill. 
What do you do? Do you call for help?  Do you alert the others waiting on the same bus to the impending danger? Do you keep your observation to yourself and pray that the driver regains control of the bus? Do you seek safe shelter and wait for the inevitable to occur?

Government had no money. Government then employed some more people at the top to help run Government and to find money . Government then refused to collect the old money it was owed. Government then increase taxes and levies in an attempt to collect new money. Government stops repaying old money it borrowed. Government then went and borrowed new money. Government sends home workers at the bottom to save money, and be able to pay workers at the top. Government then reduces the amount it collects in taxes from local businesses and corporations. Government then announces it is ready to collect taxes from online shopping.

Pick sense from nonsense. The old people used to say so all of the time, but seems like we lost that ability the day we got educated. Those people never received a certificate from any examination body; no degree from any college or university, but they could smell it even before the bull had the urge.

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Cat Luck Ain’t Dog Luck: Park At Your Own Risk

I was in town the other day to run an errand. The sun was hot with a vengeance and the car hotter. I am sweating like a pot cover as I search for somewhere to park. After numerous bad words and what seemed like an eternity, I spotted a car pulling out from a prime parking spot. In two twos, I was there waiting. The car drove off and I parked feeling pretty good about life and the world. I  still cautioned myself as I hurried off; in and out, no lagging. Mission accomplished. In less than five minutes I was heading back to the car.

Now most Bajans over the age of forty know that “cat luck ain’t dog luck”, and probably thinks, I would have know better! I, knowing better than anyone that I have no luck whatsoever, could have gone to the nearby car park. If I knew for a second that police were in that area, I would have found a park somewhere else. How was I to know that a traffic warden was lurking in some alley waiting for drivers like me? You know, the ones that would risk incurring a $50 fine to avoid paying $1 at a car park. 🙂

A traffic warden doing her job around the Bridgetown.

A traffic warden doing her job around the Bridgetown. (Loopnews)

Well shoulda, coulda, woulda is of no use to me now. I opened the door, got in and waited patiently until she finishes writing up the ticket. She hands it to me and say; “Have a nice day.”  You could believe this?!  Who trained her? She now reported me and telling me “Have a nice day.”  She head good?

I am itching to tell her two bad words and give her a piece of my mind, but I fake smiled instead and say; “You too sweetheart.”  I mean after all she was just doing her job. She moves on to the next car and I drive away.

People who work in Bridgetown can park on certain city’s street for the entire day without paying a cent to the Government. People who need to run a quick errand have to find a public car park or take their chances with the law.

Owners of business in Bridgetown need to provide parking for their staff. They should partner with the Government to develop areas in and around Bridgetown for staff parking. There are streets where parking will not obstruct the free flow of traffic, but is now prohibited. These areas should be revisited and revised.

All streets sharing a junction with Broad Street, where parking is currently allowed, should be reserved for free parking up to one hour. All other streets where parking is currently allowed should be reserved for all day parking. The authorities will then sell parking vouchers for Bridgetown.

If you need parking for the entire day then  you will pay $x and received a coloured sticker that indicates that you have paid for all day parking. You are then free to park on any street that allows all day parking.

Others who desire parking for less than eight hours, but more than one hour, would pay $x per hr and received a coloured sticker indicating the length of time they are allowed to park.

People needing less than an hour can park free without fear of persecution or prosecution. However, since this is a revenue generating measure, this one hour grace period will be strictly enforced. One hour is therefore fifty minutes, be guided accordingly.


China Wheel Clamp Lock, Used for Traffic Police and Parking AdministratorsA centrally located office will be established for the wardens. More traffic wardens will be employed to assist in policing said streets and to enforce these regulations.

The wardens office, in addition to selling the parking vouchers, will be equipped with the necessary tools to clamp the wheels of violators.

Drivers  will have to pay a fine to have their vehicles released. These drivers will also be able to pay their fines at any BRA office or Government car park. 🙂



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Teach A Man To Fish And How To Read A Scale

barbados-fishermanA long time ago, someone said, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

He never said, after you learn how to fish, juck out the eyes of those that cannot fish for themselves.


This evening a man drove around the neighbourhood offering pot fish for sale.
I am usually wary of people selling things after dark, so when he got to me I said; “nah man, I ain’t got nuh money. I gud”
Man says; “All right brother, respect.” He turns and walk back to his van.
Just as he opened the door, I suddenly started craving fish broth and without thinking yelled; “how yuh selling the fish doh”

I was startled by a deep male voice in the back of the van answering my question; “$8 a pound, and duh dun cleaned already. You can get a pack for $50, $40, $36…”

I interrupted him, “nah man, I already tell de man dat I brek”. The voice in the back persisted; “Duh got a pack hay fuh $32…” The first man interjects; “I cud always pass back tomorrow fuh de money, everything safe.”Image result for fisherman barbados pot fish

Now I have one of those faces that strangers trusts. In the bus terminal, people I’ve never met before will ask me to watch their things while they run to the bathroom. One time I was walking through the pouring rain in Black Rock and this lady opened her front door; “young boy, you could run back by the supermarket and buy this thing fuh muh? I here cooking muh husband food and I ain’t want tuh carry de baby through that rain” I had never seen the woman before in my life, but there she was, willing to trust me with her money and her husband’s dinner. I figured this was the same thing happening now.

Anyhow, the man says he could pass back for the money another time, so I says; “awrite, bring the one for $32. The man brings a parcel of fish. I scrape around and muster $32 dollars in change and pay him. Good we clear and everything bless.

He goes back to the van and spend a few minutes counting the money. He took so long, I began to wonder if I had miscounted. Eventually, he starts the van and drive away.

I put the fish in a plastic bag and placed it in the freezer. Five to ten minutes later, these fish came before me and I start feeling peckish for that broth I spoke of earlier.
I took out the fish and uh mind tell me; “boy, why you doan weigh dem fish?”

Now the man done gone along about his business and yet this voice in my head telling me to weigh fish. Why didn’t it speak up when the man brought the fish? That makes no sense to me, but if the fish has to be weighed now, then the fish will be weighed.

I got the scale and placed the fish on it. My jaw dropped, mouth fell opened and eyes popped out of my head. But looka muh crosses doh! I was expecting the scale to read 4 lbs, instead all I was seeing was 2 3/4 lbs. You could believe that? I just bought a pig in a bag! The voice in my head said; “serves you right for buying fish from a faceless voice in  a dark van.”

I forgot to mention that earlier. The back of the van was in total darkness. Up to now, I cannot tell you who was in the back of that van. Don’t know what type of scale he had or if he even had a scale.  I don’t know if the fellow made a mistake or if he intentionally swindled me. All I know is I only got 2 3/4 lbs of fish and paid for 4 lbs.

That is some fishy business right there.




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Recently I was forced out of bed by a pain in my chest like I have never experience before. The pain was so severe I would only wish it on a lawyer, funeral directors and their partners, preachers and pimps, politicians, doctors and peddlers of dubious panaceas; nobody else. At that moment though, I could only wish that it would stop.

I wondered if this was the final boarding call; if I should call, or write a quick note to my loved ones. As my thoughts raced, the pain in my chest tagged one that was now circling my lower back. Suddenly they gripped me from the side and pummeled my back. I bent over in agony, convinced that this was the end for sure.

I wished I had gone to church when that sweet young thing invited me all those years ago. Then, I was too shy, too innocent and too naive, so I  had declined. Foolish boy! Foolish indeed, “If you could see me now…”

I wished I had attempted to make things right, and apologized to those that were hurt by my actions over the years.

I wished I had told all those that loved me once, that I still cared.
I wished I had told all those that I loved, that I did, and still did.

I wished my daughter love and happiness and hoped that she would always be safe.
I wished I had spent more time with her and hoped she knew that I loved her.

I regretted every rash decision I ever made, every harsh word that escaped my lips, every vengeful thought and every spiteful deed. I regretted that I did not do more with the time I was given, cursed my luck and accepted my fate.

Ten minutes later, I was still lying in bed waiting. No white lights,no stairway to heaven, no angels singing,no music; no demons, no bus to hell, no tunnels; nothing.

No, wait, wait a minute… Oh boy, here it comes, I can see a light! It is getting nearer, but not brighter, I can barely see it. This light real dim though; suppose I trip and break my neck? How that would look? I at the pearly gates with a broken neck, unable to look at Peter or beg him for a break.

Hold a sec, what is that; fireflies? When last have you seen a firefly, or a ladybird or a yellow butterfly?. To tell the truth I cannot even remember the last time I looked at the clouds.  I mean really look. Anyway, looks like death has another appointment or is running late.

If tomorrow finds me still in the land of the living, I will pay a visit to one of those peddlers for an opinion and a panacea. I will get my affairs in order. I will endeavour to set right my wrongs, fulfill my wishes and eliminate my regrets.

Tomorrow, I will start over. I will live and let live, I will forgive, I will forget. Tomorrow, I will call you. I will say hello, I will say sorry, I will say thanks. Tomorrow, I will say I love you.


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Behind Every Great…

Have you ever wondered if you were insane? How is it possible that you can see so clearly when others are oblivious? Obviously something has to be wrong with you, right?

Barbados CabinetNow I subscribe to the view that the last administration was the worst in the history of Barbados. I was ready to give them their green papers, soon after David Thompson presented his first budget after winning the election in 2008. If more Bajans were like me, the DEMS would have been picking pond grass after the 2013 election, but they were not and the rest is history.

When I tell people the worst administration was aided and abetted by the worst opposition; they look at me in a way that makes me wonder if I have yampi in my eyes or dried snot at the corner of my nose.

You know the look someone gets on their face when they are offered some red JU-C and the bottle full of divers? Well, that is the said same look I get. They will wash me in cuss, tell me I talking a roll and that I have in goat parts.

Expand Graph

However, none of them can refute that the DLP won 16 seats and the BLP won 14 in the 2013 election. The DLP, with the slimmest of majorities, governed and generally did as they liked for 5+ years.  The BLP in those same 5+ years, knowing quite well that time longer than twine, did little other than put on a pappy show for the masses. A march and protest here, a rally and party there; shake hands and rub shoulders over here, kiss ass and make promises over there.

Back then, according to the BEES, we Bajans were overtaxed, suffering and could bear no more. We were told the longest night had an end, weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning and everything was going to be all right, don’t worry. Just hold on, helping is coming, Bajans were promised.

Now fast forward to October 31.

How many taxes and measures, imposed by the incompetent DEES, have the presumably competent BEES reversed or repealed?

How many broken services have they fixed?

Wunna still paying 17.5% VAT?

Wunna still paying 22% VAT on cell phone top ups?

What about the 2% fee on foreign currency transaction, wunna still paying  that?

Wunna still can’t get nuh bus to get home after a hard day’s work?

How often wunna garbage getting collect now?

Food prices come down yet?

Gas prices stop gine up and down every three weeks?

What wunna think about the money them using to fix the roads? Wunna doan believe that they could have fix a couple of buses and buy a garbage truck or two first?

Pick sense from nonsense, look at wuh really gine on bout here and then ask yuhself; care bout who???

They say they knew it was bad, but never imagined it was this bad. In other words they were clueless. Now that said same clueless opposition is the new administration. Wunna got this?

Miss Mary de cat got pups!


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For Better Or Worse: Six Of These And Half Dozen Of Those


Down in a deep hole, well and truly stuck

Ain’t got nuh godfather and we ain’t got nuh luck.

Wallets did empty and pockets did bruk.

Couldn’t find a job, couldn’t get nuh wuk

Couldn’t buy chicken, pigeon, turkey nor duck

The only thing we got was the salt dem mek we suck.

Dem drag we through de dirt, drag we through de muck

Treat we like pigs on de back of a truck.

So we vote dem out and vote dem in, but still getting …

Dem did

Bagging sun and bottling dew

Every day of the week and weekends too.

Dem drink de kool-aid, drink de red brew

Many were call but de chosen are few.

Like lambs to de slaughter, de rest get slew

Boiled up in soup or boiled down in stew.

Dem could as well be wearing yellow or blue

Taxes and levies still got dem under curfew.

Dem seh dat you care, but care bout who?

DownloadYou did

Sow the seed and he did bless you

So every Sunday morning, you in de front pew.

Shake the pastor’s hand, ask how do you do?

Say amen and shout hallelu…

You said you could do what de rest couldn’t do

You had every answer, had every clue.

Had a clear vision, had a clear view

You had the right team and the right crew

So we vote dem out and vote dem in, but still getting …











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Hello, Is Anyone There?

There is something seriously wrong in Barbados tonight._91487275_bussa

No, I am not speaking about the nightmare on the south coast. Neither am I referring to the apparent mission of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation to bore Bajans to death with its programming. I am not saying anything about the courts and the “Justus” system. Nothing about the transportation and education systems, or lack thereof. No sir, not a word about any of those thing. I mean, what more can be said that has  not been said already?

I am speaking about the fact that Government seems to be slowly disintegrating. Government in this case refers to the Public Service.

Now everyone knows that Politicians come and go, but Public Servants for better or worse, mostly worse, are with us until they decide to depart. So really and truly we should scrutinise their actions more, but duppy noh who fi frighten, so Politicians get nuff stick sometimes unjustified.  Then again, dem back broad and duh guts did big, so dah fuh lick dem. Nuhbody ain’t send and call dem. Anyhow enough of the digressions.

labour.gov.bb2Wunna check out the Ministry of Labour website lately?

Well I was doing some research and I gone over there looking for some information and every time I click a link it redirecting me to some site selling Viagra, Cialis and them kinda shite!

I mean WTF! A 100% bona fide Ital Jockey getting send to a site to buy enhancement pills. Dah shit ain’t funny atall, atall, atall.

Now if wunna got talk fuh de Minister, then tell she tuh she face. Doan be redirecting  big able people and wasting them time and money.  Internet service from the SLOW WOLF is not as affordable as they think it is.

Suppose I was in need of a little assistance in the percolation department? I might have been tempted to spend money that I don’t have. It’s good thing that I am immune to advertisements. Duh got nuff men wid dead birds out there but yours truly ain’t one. Dem things ain’t right man.

Look try and fix back de people’s website do!labour.gov.bb

Yes, the DLP Government is too incompetent to even pick pond grass at Kendal, but maintaining and securing Government’s websites is not in any of their portfolios. That job is the responsibility of one of the chosen 24,000 Public Servants that we have to pay,  many of who will not be driving a stroke for the next five days.
Yes it looks bad, but it is more a reflection on those Public Servants working in the Ministry’s IT department, than it is on those liming in Parliament. Either they are as incompetent as the Politicians or they are complicit.

Now I am not aware of how long the site has been compromised, or how easy it was to hack it, but the conspiracy theorist in me says; this is just more of the same kind of shit that is occurring on the South Coast. There is an orchestrated and coordinated attempt to make the present administration look more incompetent than they really are. Now who would have thought that such a thing was possible?

I am just airing my mouth as usual so there is no need to pay me any mind.

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Sometimes I feel like crying
Other times  I feel like dying.
Sometimes I wish I could fly through the air
Lying on a big soft cloud without a single care.
Sometimes I wish I was never here
I long to get away, to just simply disappear.

To drop out of this race
To vanish without a trace.
To be just another cold case
In this tired and broken place.
I want to go where no one knows my name
And cares not that I even came.

I need no considerations, reparations nor obligations.
I have no objections to your rejections
No retaliations, no recriminations.
There is no expectation of reconciliation
This is just a manifestation.
Only a consolidation of sadness and regret
Time to forget, time to push reset.


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Wunna Safe: Not Fuh Trute

The word for the day is peregrinations  Go and see fuh wanna selves. Per·e·gri·na·tion. That trumps phlegmatic serenity for sure.

Anyhow the Prime Minister selling visitors the beautiful Barbados of yore at a big party that we got to pay for. Money scarce but he obviously don’t read memos from the Finance Minister. Well Sir, this could be your last mas so you might as well enjoy it.

Don’t mind that Bajans getting rob and killed ever so often; tourists, the Prime Minister got wunna back. People on self-imposed dusk to dawn curfews. Women pulling back shower curtains, peeping into wardrobes and checking under the bed every night before going to sleep but tourists wunna safe.

Mosquitoes making we shite with bites but wunna tourists ain’t got anything to worry about, everything safe.

Mice holding prayer meetings in garbage cans. Rats bigger than boar cats making plans to join monkeys terrorizing farms. Potholes causing grievous bodily harm and you can never see the law’s long arm.

Overgrown bush hijacking roads. Garbage by the truckloads at the sides of said roads, but tourist, the Prime Minister says wunna safe.

Now I am not going to tell the people that they should ignore the PM’s words of wisdom. I mean if they are coming to Barbados time after time, they should be able to see better than most, that Barbados today is nothing like Barbados yesterday.
If they want to peregrinate around Barbados with their heads in the clouds then all I can say is be careful and be ever vigilant. The arm of the law might be long, but the feet are short.

The Prime Minister got mout tuh talk so he has to say something even if it is a lot of nothing. I would like him to tell ordinary Bajans when we could again
peregrinate and congregate
without having to delegate
someone to investigate
every dark shadow or strange noise.

Tell the people how many people got killed last year. Tell them how many got shot, how many got stabbed and how many got robbed. Tell the people how many school-leavers got jobs last year. Tell them how many will find jobs this year. Tell them how easy it is for people over forty to find gainful employment and how easy your government has made it for them to be self-employed.


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No Woman, No Cry.

“Tearful woman denies threatening ex-lover”

A WOMAN who had been previously shot by a former lover ended up in court yesterday charged with using threatening words towards him.

As she stood in the dock of the District “A” Magistrates’ Court, a tearful Seandette Necole Bennett denied the charge that on January 9, she uttered the words: “You believe my child ain’t bathe yet. I hate he. I want somebody to **** kill he. I can’t wait for somebody to kill he. I want to kill he,” within the hearing of Steve Stuart, which caused him harassment, alarm or distress.

Even though the details of the charge were not revealed, the 36-year-old machine operator, of Pickwick Gap, St Michael, told Magistrate Douglas Frederick that Stuart, her child’s father, continually harassed her.

She said since choosing to discontinue the case in which she alleged Stuart shot her, police were ignoring her reports.

“He shot me already, and I drop the charge and now everybody ignoring me,” Bennett said, as she wiped tears from her eyes with a washcloth. “I am to suffer because I drop that charge?

“This man does threaten me every day and he does tell me that if he can’t have me, nobody can’t have me,” she added.

She said that after she kicked Stuart out of the apartment they shared, he rented another apartment situated in the same building.

When Magistrate Frederick asked her if she had ever read the book about the boy who cried wolf, she said she hadn’t.

“Then you should go and read that story,” he told her.

There was no objection to bail and Bennett was released on $1 000 bail. She will return to court on April 17. (nationnews.com)


Don’t worry my dear, he will drop the charge against you too. Just take him back and the next time he shoots you, you won’t be able to drop any charges and somebody else will bathe and raise your child.

Seriously though, why would you discontinue the case in the first place? Wuh wrong wid you? The man shot you and then said sorry, he still loves you and wants you? He would never do it again and you, falling for that sweet talk; ran to the police and discontinued the case? Now you in the people’s court crying.

No woman, no cry. Don’t beg him fuh nuh effing favours. Save some money, guh long back tuh court, plead guilty and pay de fine or do whatever them seh yuh must do. This should strengthen your resolve to never get involve with men like him again.

Don’t worry about the magistrate and he fables, love makes the best of us do silly things at sometime or the other. The police’s job is to protect and serve. Dem so duz fuhget dat duh mother is a woman. Lef dem to karma.


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